Trying to warm up to exercise

Blog post as therapy:

I am lazy. And I can’t stop. Because, you know, that would take energy.

For years — decades now? — I’ve told myself pretty much daily that my life would be so much better if I’d exercise. Run a little, use that elliptical machine I bought, the treadmill desk at work, join a gym, walk the damn dog, anything. And I mentally list the reasons it’ll help:

I’ll feel better. Endorphins released, stress released, time for myself to think.

I’ll look better. The spare tire I’m growing will slow, at least a little.

I’ll sleep better. My body doesn’t need to recover much from sitting in front of a computer or on a couch. Those seven hours could be more productive.

I’ll be healthier.┬áStronger immune system, fewer colds, and I’d combat the high cholesterol in my genes.

Energy begets energy. What a magnificent cycle to start, to have more energy each day. imagine how much more I could do.

Set an example for those you care about the most. If my kids see me exercising, they’ll just think fitness is a normal thing you do — and perhaps carry these traits with them into their adult life.

Good grief. Any one of these is more than enough to make a life change, right? It’s not even a discussion.

Yet this next list apparently trumps all:

I’m lazy. You see, I… oh, never mind.

My November 18, 2013 blog post about rebooting my life included a plan to start exercising, for me and my own sake. Three days a week, which I immediately scheduled on my calendar and set a recurring appointment in my task reminder app, so I’d always be confronted with it. Since that post, today is the 27th time I’ve been reminded today is exercise day.

Today is the 26th time I’ll have deleted it.

There’s plenty I do well, and I’m smart enough to figure out most problems I face. But seeing as though reminders, pep talks, and self-loathing haven’t done the trick, perhaps this version of public shaming will get me started. I mean, all I have to do is stop typing, head downstairs, and hop on the elliptical machine.

You know, I bet tomorrow will be a great time to start.

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