The serious business of being funny

The worst thing my wife has ever said to me: “Six.”

But I’d asked for it. Literally.

On a scale from one to ten, how funny did she think I was?

Never ask a question unless you’re truly ready for the answer.

As much as the story haunts me to this day, it has me on the lookout for proof that I, even for short moments in time, rate better than a six. One just popped up this weekend.


Social media provides an opportunity to share such moments, and teaches me to get better at it. Dropping “make your own” would have made it punchier. I pay attention to these things constantly now, trying to up my score, The worst was after I mis-told a joke I was particularly proud of:


Matt’s comment was a good lesson: Be efficient. The band mention diluted the payoff.

Even this is all in good fun. Tracey and I laugh about my “funny score” quite a bit. And I see it as a challenge — there’s lots of opportunity to grow. And hey, even a six puts me above average, right? I’ve had my moments. I’ve gotten people — even my wife — to belly laugh. In fact, I’ll submit evidence of what is the funniest joke I believe I’ve ever told (click the picture to see the comment full-size).


If it made Ryan laugh, on a plane, it couldn’t be all bad.

Or maybe I deserved that six after all.

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