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I could use your help. Before I explain how, allow me to share my sob story:

I’m seemingly incapable of properly, healthfully, regularly, feeding myself. I grew up in a home where my mom made nutritious meals for us daily. When I first moved to college, I got sustenance from the cafeterias, until delights like the $5 Grog’s Pizza — which was about as tasty as it sounds — became my dietary staples. Ever since, I’ve wandered from fast food joint to fast food joint, and sometimes just forgetting to eat altogether.

This came to light earlier this week, when my wife and kids headed out on a road trip. Left to fend for myself, I ate:

  • A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • A bowl of cereal
  • A Qdoba burrito
  • 2 frozen meals from the local deli
  • A Wendy’s Double and a crispy chicken sandwich
  • A handful of Doritos. OK, maybe a few handfuls
  • 3 bao from Wow Bao
  • A granola bar
  • A McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and fries
  • A Chick-Fil-A sandwich
  • 7-8 cans of Coke

This is not a healthy list. And it’s definitely not a list of proper sustenance for five days.

I want to change. I know how ridiculous this looks, and a fix should be simple — just get in the kitchen and make something HEALTHY. But I feel foolish not knowing where to start.

I have many foodie friends, who enjoy preparing a meal as much as they enjoy eating it. Even more friends are seemingly capable of making — and enjoying — a salad. Or a vegetable. Or whatever it is that healthy people eat.

So here’s the idea: I ask you to be my “food planner” for just one day. For that one day, I will eat what you, Healthy Person, tell me to prepare and eat. You can share your recipes, your favorite meals, and your good intentions to help me get right.

If 31 people are willing to help, I’ll eat properly for the entire month of August. I commit to buying and preparing the food as you suggest, within reason. (I won’t spend hundreds of dollars on any one day, and my limited skills or cookware may not be able to prepare a rack of lamb.) I will aim to follow each day and meal by the letter, because I don’t want to let you down. It’s a day that celebrates you.

To take part, click over to this online form to claim a day and tell me what I’ll eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Go into as much detail as you’d like: Just name foods and let me figure it out, give a list of directions, link to food websites with more detail, or link to/share your recipes. I’m asking you to put your name on this list so I can follow up with questions. Chances are, I know how to get hold of you, but if we don’t know each other I’d ask you to email me at kurtvan@facebook.com so I can thank you. (And if you don’t like the public spreadsheet idea, just email me your menu plan and I’ll list you anonymously.)

When I eat them, breakfast and lunch are typically on my own — but if you can share a dinner plan with my wife and two kids in mind, all the better. I’ll update the list with any days that have travel or work conflicts. I look forward to sharing how each day goes, and which recipes or lessons might be helpful to other people, too. Thanks for helping!

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