The funny thing about an “About” page, I suppose, is that it all depends on who’s telling the story. I can tell you what I stand for, or what I aspire to be; but ultimately, I believe you are what other people say you are. At various times in my life, I’ve been told I’m: funny, nice, overly sensitive, creative, a martyr, intense, and caring. There was that one time my wife used the word “studly,” but that made us both laugh. These are things people have said to my face, anyway. I can’t speak to how else I’ve been labeled.

What I hope people think about is me is that I’ve tried. Tried to make my corner of the world a better place, tried to be the best father with the skills I’ve developed, tried to make people laugh, tried to set an example for what a person can be like. I’d like to think that on some days, I’ve succeeded here and there. Ultimately, that’s for other people to decide. But I’m happy with trying.

Professionally, I’m the general manager at SocialMedia.org, the community for social media leaders at the world’s greatest brands. I get to work with hundreds of people who are trying to share and engage for big brands, learning how best to truly communicate with people — a daunting task, considering advertising and marketing has been a one-way street for decades. But I admire their work, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the process. (I do need to mention: The things I discuss on this blog are entirely my personal opinion, and in no way speak on behalf of SocialMedia.org, its parent company GasPedal, or any of our clients, customers, or partners.)

I’m a communications nut. In high school, I longed to do the school’s public address announcements — and for one semester, it made me happier than I could have imagined. In college, I attended most of my broadcast journalism classes when working at the student-run radio station didn’t get in the way. During my senior year, I was hired away by the local news/talk station, where I reported the news and eventually hosted my own talk show. When it was time to learn some more, I gave up the job for an internship at WGN Radio, where I was subsequently hired and spent 12 glorious years of my life.

It’s always been about sharing stories and connecting people. This project is designed to see if my own stories are worth sharing, and see if there’s some good that come from that. Maybe get you to laugh a little. I’d like to hope that on some days, I’ll succeed here and there. Ultimately, that’s for other people to decide. But I’m happy with trying.

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